In order to sustain a better future for ourselves and for generations to follow we must act consciously in the present by re-engineering how we perceive and do things, especially when it comes to protecting our environment.

The primary focus of Standing Apart is to write about the different Eco-concepts which have been identified globally informing audiences about the various green initiatives. The more we expose these Eco developments the more people can learn and help them to generate further Eco ideas.

The secondary focus of Standing Apart is about well-being. We will cover areas such as social, economic, psychological, physical, spiritual and health related topics, whereby individuals can achieve a higher and positive state of well-being.

A lot of people ask me why i gave my site the name Standing Apart. The principle motive was that, in order to be heard and to distinguish yourself from the majority you must do this by Standing Apart. We want to develop a growth mindset where people can become the change they want in society, because through our individual betterment we can also improve and protect our environment.   


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