Monday, April 27, 2015

What Are Our Achievements?

Day in day out we come across people or situations that make us realize how little we appreciate our achievements. It saddens me when I hear people say that they haven’t achieved anything in their life, well at least they think they haven’t. They can’t imagine how much they have already achieved, the problem is they don’t recognize them or value them as achievements.

A lot of us do not give credit to our own achievements and some are not even aware of them because:

a) If it can’t be seen or touched it isn’t an achievement.

b) If it doesn’t have a certain monetary value then it isn’t an achievement.

c) If an organization doesn’t stamp it and sign it, then it isn’t an achievement.

d) If you haven't been provided with a medal or trophy then it isn't an achievement.

Take a few seconds to think about what you have just read. Our conditioned mind operates on this level, making us feel that achievements are tangible and big in nature, and when we haven’t managed to secure them we feel incomplete. We do not need anyone to recognize whether we have achieved something or not, you must recognize it.

How many of you have sat down and wrote down the different things you might have achieved from the time you can remember until today? Well just like you, I had never done a list, but I sat down and did it, and I was amazed at what things I have achieved small or big. There is no one who has achieved nothing.

Achievements can take different shapes and forms, let us see some examples:

1 Increased your number of friends.
2 Got closer with your parents or others.
3 Managed to grow a fruit tree from seed.
4 Climbed a tree or mountain.
5 Swam in the English Channel.
6 Dived off a diving board.
7 Developed yourself year in year out.
8 Reduced your sugar intake.
9 Stopped swearing.
10 Helped a friend with a problem.
11 Helped a friend stop smoking.
12 Wrote an article.
13 Fixed a mobile.
14 Built something.
15 Read a great book.
16 Gave joy to somebody else.
17 Smiled more.
18 Overcoming a phobia.
19 Staying healthy.
20 Quit your job to start another journey.
21 Expressed yourself to someone.

Read them again, these are beautiful achievements. When you do your own list you will be just as surprised. Give yourself the credit you deserve, be proud of what you have done. Living life is an achievement alone, and what a beautiful thing right? Remember if you don’t give value to what you do then you will never see things as achievements. Don't let society or people make you feel like you have not achieved anything worthy such as the conventionalities.

Do not measure your worthiness today by comparing yourself to what others have achieved, you are unique with your own journey of achievements.


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