Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thinking Outside The Box

Whilst schools are focused on improving their education system, schools in India are lacking the basic facilities from their classrooms such as desks. Not having something as simple as a desk is having detrimental effects on the students. Aarmbh an India based non profit organization in New Bombay has found a solution to the problem, by turning cardboard waste into a bag and desk.

Most of these deficiencies are typical of schools in rural areas and slum communities. As a result there have been countless reports of children diagnosed with impaired vision and bad posture, not to mention their bad handwriting.

Aarmbha is an organization which aims on giving support to unfortunate children and women giving them chances of having a better life , for example by giving them the necessary skills to obtain better paid jobs enabling them to leave the slums.

Their “Help Desk” project is made using cardboard waste which has been collected from different sources such as recycling companies and corporate offices. Using stencil technology the cardboard has been designed in such a way which can be folded into a desk and bag.

The below video clip gives a detailed account about Aarmbh’s Help Desk:

The help desk has proven both an economical solution to providing the students in the Maharashtra region with a desk to write on, transforming waste to a life changing product.


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