Friday, July 11, 2014

Self-Sufficiency Protects Environment

My family's house is situated on a piece of land where we have a number of fruit and olive trees, as well vegetables. Our household consists of three people and we provide for our selves 365 days a year enabling us to eat and live healthy. Out of the total produce, we give 70% of it to neighbors and friends as there is too much. What is important about being self-sufficient is that you lead a healthy life but you are reducing your carbon foot print. 

There are many of us who have a garden capable of providing for themselves. There are also many who do not exploit their land and prefer to purchase. Our failure to exploit our land is harming our environment. Indulging ourselves in some small scale farming is a solution to protecting our environment, whether this be, growing vegetables, fish farming or breeding chickens etc.

Consequently by being self-sustainable we are reducing our impact on the environment because:

1. Less or no visits required to pick up groceries from town, reducing CO2 emissions.

2. Less mass scale supply of food as less demand for it as people becoming more self-sufficient. Large scale production harms our environment because of mass distribution, harvesting machines etc.

Some of us who do not have gardens or land, you can consider growing vegetables in large pots. An alternative solution is buying an earth box or actually making one. This is very convenient for those who live in apartments who do not have the luxury of a garden.There are a range of products and options out there helping home owners to become more self-sufficient Some of these products are: Earth box, city farming concepts etc.

If you have enough space to provide for yourself or family do it, if you have enough space to provide for others to, even better. You will notice that people would prefer buying from you than buying from supermarkets even if you were to charge more. Some people really do not have no choice but to buy from local supermarkets, so if you have land or space then consider it as a luxury.

Something as basic as contributing to our food chain protects our environment.


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