Monday, July 28, 2014

Palestinian Woman Recycles Tear Grenades

Transforming negative energy into positive energy is a true source of inspiration. One such achievement has been identified in the village of Bilin, near Ramallah in the West Bank. A Palestinian woman has been collecting tear grenades used by Israeli Defense Forces and converting them into plant vessels. An important message to us all, a message in a "grenade".

On the one hand we have skilled technicians filling these grenades with harmful agents and on the other hand we have villagers filling them with earth and life. One is used to control masses, and bring out hatred. The other is intended to beautify our world with colours and scents,just as we are inherently intended to emanate love. The same object and yet it fulfils two very different objectives.

The tragic irony of this, is that the tear gas grenades are intended to cause tears, pain and blindness to the Palestinians, but this Palestinian woman's sentimental act makes us realize the tears families have shed, the pain that is being caused and reminding us how blind we have become.

What war can do, peace can do it better. It is acts like this which leave an impact, an impact in our hearts.



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