Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ecool Refrigeration System (VIDEO)

When simple works why make it complicated. Danish company Ecool, has produced a product which keeps cans cool all the time by keeping them underground. The concept originates from the traditional basic method adopted many years ago, where people used the ground to keep their food refrigerated.

Ecool was created by four guys from Mors.They decided to return to basics as a way of using a natural process to keeping cans cool as ice without using any electricity.


The Ecool system is installed in the ground. It has a length of 113cm and a width of 22-30cm. It has a capacity of 24 12oz cans. Using a garden drill you may make the necessary hole in the ground allowing Ecool sit comfortably. The coolers top is well refrigerated maintaining the same temperature throughout the unit.

Advantages of Ecool is that:

1. Keeps cans cool throughout the year.
2. Frost free in the winter.
3. No use of electricity.

Take a minute to watch a short clip showing the mechanics of Ecool:


A little digging into primitive techniques could uncover some economical and eco-friendly concepts green worthy.

Ecool, keeping your cans cool and your pockets half full.


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