Monday, June 2, 2014

A Greener Skateboard

There was a time when we were not aware of the impact our actions had on our environment. Gladly this is starting to change. It is estimated that 10% of the oceans plastic pollution comes from abandoned or lost fishing gear. Whilst fishermen are using nets to catch fish, Bureo a Californian company is catching fishing nets to make skateboards.

According to Alan Weismann in The World Without Us (2007) plastic constitutes nearly 80% of marine debris. The Chilean fishing authority states
that fishermen are not taking steps to recycle their fishing materials in one way or another. Fishing nets being discarded is a common problem in the world’s waters. These are otherwise known as Ghost Nets which result in “entanglement, suffocation, and ingestion” (UNEP report on Marine Litter) of sea life. Our oceans are vast therefore pollution may not be so easily detected in comparison to land pollution. By attempting to reduce marine pollution this will present fishermen with added benefits, as this will promote healthier sea conditions for fish.

In collaboration with Chilean “Net Positiva”, a fishnet and recycling programme, Bureo is producing skateboards featuring a custom fish design. In addition to the actual board being made from recycled materials, the wheels are made with 30% veggie oil and 100% recycled cores. As a result Bureo has also managed to secure work for the local community and encourage development in the area. Bureo is a project which was introduced by the Eco-trio: Ben R. Kneppers, David M. Stover and Kevin J. Ahearn, each with their own unique role in bringing this product to life.

 Take a few minutes to watch a short clip about Bureos:

Using recyclable materials to make a skateboard is a complex and costly process. Bureo is another eco-friendly company showing us that when there is a love for our planet then we can find an ecological way of doing things. If you can’t reduce your carbon foot print then you might as well “ride your footprint.”


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