Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What Makes A Great Leader Today

Inspirational Wednesday is presenting you with a speech on a topic that is widely discussed daily and debated globally. This topic is, “what makes a great leader”. We have witnessed various leaders over the centuries in different contexts and more importantly during different times. One of the speakers which will be featured in today’s post is Roselinde Torres, explaining the qualities which a 21st century leader must have.

Roselinde Torres has 25 years observing leaders, identifying the key distinctive characteristics which makes a 21st century leader. Through her involvement and corroboration, Roselinde has concluded with three questions as to what makes a great leader, and these are:

1. Where are you looking to anticipate change?
2. What is the diversity measure of your network?
3. Are you courageous enough to abandon the past?

There are many examples of individuals who were great leaders, and what is important to note is that those leaders had the right composition of leadership skills at the time. Their principles or approaches were relevant for that period. By taking the models which these great leaders used and to apply it today may not be effective. Cultures, society, technologies and general mentality have not remained the same, they are evolving and as such they need alternative leadership approaches.

Based on the various developments globally over the last decade or so, individuals are questioning the abilities of leaders in actually directing organizations, cities, countries etc. Lack of leadership could be the reason for the economic tsunami that drowned many countries. Leaders are individuals who bear their responsibility on society and their companies alike. A true leader is someone who considers their impact on society as well as on their companies. A true leader anticipates for future changes to safeguard its resources. A true leader is someone who is willing to to take a leap into the dark.

From my own experience, most people leading companies, cities and countries, were made leaders because of circumstances not because they should be there. A specific example of this was during the mayor elections in Larnaca (Cyprus), the candidate who is mayor now, was going around to different companies presenting themselves with a handshake gesture to gain votes. This is very common approach by many individuals globally, which in my opinion is outdated and not appropriate today. It was at this point when i saw the mayor engaging himself in this manner that a question dawned upon me, “do I want a beggar as a leader?” If people want to be voted to lead society’s then this should be through other more solid recognizable involvement throughout their lives.

My opinion is that those who are leaders will become leaders eventually because it is an inherent ability they possess which will manifest by its self. Together with some specific leadership guidance relevant to today’s environment, we will bear witness to true leaders.

Roselinde Torres a renowned leadership consultant gives within 10 minutes a clear account of what makes a great leader.


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