Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Power Of Seduction

Inspirational Wednesday is presenting you with a talk about the power of seduction. The speaker Chen Lizra,gives a thorough explanation of the art of seduction, giving us a whole new perspective and understanding of it.

If i say the word seduction to you, does a female in a tight dress, with glasses resting slightly low on her nose and a finger resting on her lips come to mind ? Perhaps? Although this does sound like an intro to a porn office scene, it is a form of seduction but a little exaggerated. Seduction is a natural process which has the ultimate purpose of deliberately luring somebody to doing something using a set of natural skills. Sometimes people sub-consciously are being seductive and they may not be aware of it because there is a misconception about what it means to be seductive. If you type the word seduction in Google and then select images you will come across some rather sexy and provocative images of mostly women, which kind of verifies how seductiveness is slightly misinterpreted in the full sense of the term. When being seductive different factors come into play within a single moment. Some of these include:

1. How we look into one’s eyes whilst we are talking to them.
2. Smiling. A slight creasing of the cheeks, half a smile, the slowly building up of a smile can all be very effective.
3. How we walk. 
4. How we talk.
5. Confidence.
6. What you wear and how you wear it.

Imagine how powerful the above are when they are put into practice within an moment. Seductiveness has a direct impact on us. They make us feel in a certain way, it stimulates arousal. Seductiveness is so powerful that it is capable of capturing your attention distracting you from your thoughts, troubles and focus. If it doesn't then they are doing something wrong.

What you will find with Chen’s presentation is that she refers to the mechanics of seduction by referring to Cuban dancing especially that of the Rhumba. If you have some Cuban dancing experience you will understand this. From my own personal experiences with Cuban dancing and any dancing for that matter, it’s not what you do it’s how you do it. How you do it involves putting emotion and style behind your action. This is applicable to anything we do.

Seduction is an inherent ability we have within us both in men and women. Its application helps with getting what you want, and if what you want is morally and ethically sound then there is no harm in doing it. Seduction brings out the attractiveness in people, it makes them shine. The below Ted Talk by Chen demonstrates within 12 minutes the power of seduction. Be prepared to be seduced!


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