Monday, May 12, 2014

Slow Taxi Service Concept

Most of the time taxi services are getting from A to B too quickly. If you are really unlucky you can come across some really speedy drivers. Taxi companies try complete as many journeys as they can. For some companies the faster they complete their designated route the more they can make in a day. A Japanese company called Turtle Taxi is offering a slow taxi being both effective and fuel efficient.

Getting from A to B quickly is effective, but it is not efficient from a fuel consumption point of view. If we consider the number of taxis in motion per day per city you will find that they constitute a large proportion of the number of vehicles on the roads, especially within urban centers. Fast driving cabs are not Eco-friendly, as they contribute immensely to the overall carbon footprint because of their driving culture.

Turtle Taxi offers passengers the option of a slow and relaxing journey. Within each Turtle cab, there is a Yukkuri button, which as soon as it pressed this informs the driver that the passenger is not in a rush. Yukkuri in Japanese means slow. Once the slow mode has been activated the taxi cab shows a turtle on the screen letting the passenger know that the journey will be a slow drive. Driving more slowly will allow drivers to adapt to a more Eco-driving culture.

The Turtle Taxi service is preferred more by senior citizens and pregnant women, for whom a slow drive is better suited. It is expected that the service will be more and more preferred by its citizens in the Yokohoma area in the coming years.

Hopefully this concept will eventually reach in other parts of the world.We have been accustomed to living an intense lifestyle.Turtle Taxi is maybe a reminder that we all need to slow down, and enjoy the ride a little bit, especially due to the fast pace of living within cities. I guess someone needs to start this slow trend.


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