Friday, May 9, 2014

Reducing Left Over Waste

How many times have you been forced to throw vegetables or fruit in the bin because they have lost their freshness? Most of the time? Sometimes you might not want to eat a whole tomato or need a whole lemon, and usually after a few hours you end up throwing them away anyway since they have been exposed to the air. Food Huggers have come up with a simple and practical solution to keep your left overs fresh and tasting delicious.

Unless you are self–sufficient, buying vegetables and fruit can be quite expensive especially if you are a health conscious individual. Having to throw left overs in the bin can be seen as a clear waste of money, but also a pity. Some rare fruits can be exceptionally expensive so it would be a shame not to enjoy the wholeness of that fruit. In order to extend the life of certain fruits and veg, Food Huggers have designed a silicone cover which fits onto any vegetable or fruit, they have even designed one to fit over an avocado. This silicone item literally hugs the left over part.

Food Huggers was created by Michelle Ivankovich and Adrienne McNicholas. Their varied backgrounds was the ideal combination for making Food Huggers a success. Michelle was from a designer background and Adrienne was involved in marketing. The perfect mix.

This silicone food cover is:
100% BPA and Phtalate Free
100% FDA Grade Silicone
100% Dishwasher Safe
100% Microwave Safe
100% Freezer Safe

The silicone gadget comes in four different sizes so that you are sure to find the best match for your veg or fruit. What is important to highlight is that this is replacing the plastic cling film, so it’s great alternative to plastic. Bye bye plastic!

The below video gives a good presentation of what Food Huggers is all about. Food Huggers are extending the life of fruit and veg whilst reducing waste substantially.


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