Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pay Per Use Domestic Washing Machine

A Dutch company called Bundles, has introduced to the market a pay-per-use washing machine. Their innovative concept attempts to address the problem of high costs associated with running a household these days without depriving anybody from a high-quality washing machine.

More and more people are leaning towards a more leasing lifestyle according to trends, avoiding ownership which many are unable to afford. This is popular with many different products, such as cars, tools, hand bags, clothing etc. Through leasing, less fortunate consumers are still able to benefit from using certain products, without having to pay any upfront lump amount, and this is what Bundles has done.

Bundles offers Miele WKG 120 WCS device, which is capable of holding up to 8kg of laundry. This specific model is retailed at  €1,299. Bundle operates its concept according to the number of washes/uses per month. The monthly membership fees are :

1. 15 loads - €22,95 per month
2. 25 loads - €24,95 per month
3. 35 loads - €26,95 per month

What is interesting is that Bundles offers an incentive scheme, whereby the user is reimbursed if they do not reach their maximum usage. They are paid €0,50 for up to six washes saved to maximum of 20 euros per year, anything above the maximum allowance they are charged €0,50 per wash. This incentive scheme allows users to reduce their washing which has a result positive impact on the environment. Bundles allows users to monitor their usage so that they have full control of their performance. With the information gathered from the washing machine and the app interaction, Bundles is capable of creating more value out of the use of the washing machine increasing efficiency even more.Some of you may be asking, will i not pay an absurd fee for the financing of the appliance? The answer to that is no. Bundles operates the machines during the full lifetime and that’s why financing costs are lower than with normal 5-10 year lease contracts.

The specific model which Bundles is offering has the following benefits:

1. A + + + - Highest energy efficiency class.
2. Eco brushless motor: quiet, economical and durable
3. 20ÂșC and colder - Further saving using lower temperatures
4. 46 dB (A) - Low noise when washing and spinning

These pay as you use systems helps households monitor their outgoing costs more reliably, making their cost control process more effective. The more people that opt for these types of products the more money they will be able to save.

Keeping it cheap with Bundles.


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