Thursday, May 29, 2014

Night Club Prevents Drink Driving

When it comes to drink driving police use an ambush approach to catch drunk drivers. Sometimes waiting to catch drivers might not be effective enough to prevent fatal accidents. The Singaporean night club Zouk has taken the law into their own hands, by detecting drunk drivers and preventing them from driving using a pee anaylser.

Although anti-drink driving awareness is increasing this is not sufficient enough to reduce accidents. Even though people drink, they still believe they are sober enough to drive. Most of us have been in that position but we convince ourselves that we are capable of driving home. What is even more interesting is that with drunk drivers their concern is not whether they will drive home safely but more so if they will get caught by the police. The question remains whether the police are doing a good job of reducing drink driving.

According to statistics produced by Zouk, during the launch of their anti-drink driving campaign they tested 573 drivers, out of which 342 were advised that they were not capable of driving, in which case they went home using a cab or using the drive home service which the club offers. This pee analyser detects alcohol levels and works as deterrent in preventing guests from driving home drunk. The below video shows exactly how their system operates.

There are a lot of clubs which do not have their own valet parking, but with certain modifications to the system or having an alternative approach in place night clubs could reduce car accidents tremendously. Unfortunately not many countries have 24hr public transport and so some people are dependent on driving themselves.

I believe that all clubs or bars which sell alcohol should install a drunk driving preventive system, whereby they at least advise their customers that they should not drive home. A lot of places will not be able to stop their customers from driving but making them aware of it is a step in the right direction. Zouks drink driving preventive system is a great example which night clubs in general should consider adopting, they have taken social responsibility to another level.


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