Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Making Jewelry Out Of Land Mines

Is it estimated that only 13% of dangerous land in Cambodia has been cleared from land mines and UXO’s, which this equates to 2.7 million tons explosive devices. A company called Saught co-founded by Pamela Yeo, is making jewelry out of scrap metal left by these war remnants.

Saught is taking these seeds of evil and transforming them into products delivering messages of freedom across the globe. Their efforts are focused on building peace, by supporting those people who have been affected by war. Saught's main goal is striving ultimately to achieve sustainable development.

Through this unique process, Saught has managed to offer several benefits:

1. Community Involvement – Certain designers and design schools have been involved offering their talents to create intelligent designs conveying stories to enforce change.

2. Capacity Building – Local artisans are also involved in this peace process, allowing them to generate profits as well as develop their skills.

3. Awareness – Manage to ignite awareness, so that people can involve themselves in sending message of freedom from war, fear and poverty.

Saught’s products include, bracelets, earing, rings and necklaces. Each piece has its own story to tell which gives it an appreciable value.What ever war can do, Saught can do it better through its messages of peace. The below video talks about Saught and what inspired them.


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