Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Inappropriate Messages In kids Movies (Video)

Inspirational Wednesday is presenting you with a talk on how kid’s movies are sending the wrong messages to our children. Speaker Colin Stokes, gives a entertaining analogy of different kid’s movies and explaining how they program kids to think and operate. As parents we need to revise our approaches and be more involved, as kid’s movies are having a bigger impact than us.

As we get older we tend to watch less and less kids movies.I personally watch no kids movies although there are some really cool movies out there. However, recently I came across a certain kids movie, whereby the characters in the movie were holding cute little guns. From a kids point of view this is neither bad nor good, they are possibly unable to even process this. The fact that they come across this gets registered in their mind from an early age, which helps develop a slow gradual acceptance of them. What Colin Stokes emphasizes on, is how this form of visual entertainment portrays gender roles in society, by using movies such as Wizard of Oz and Star Wars.

As fun and entertaining as kids movies are, their characters could be seen as serving as bad role models, since some of them are simply super human, making the kids feel and believe they could be like them. How does this affect kids? Is this harmless? Have you ever tried telling your kid that Harry Potter is not real? He would probably get the nearest wooden spoon and spin a spell on you. Sex, swearing and violence are not the only things which we should look for to determine if a kids movie is inappropriate. For example, check how leadership, team work and communication is promoted, a slight misrepresentation here could give your kids a wrong perspective in life.

Whatever kids are exposed to during their early years will become their main source of learning. Our intervening in this process could alternate how they perceive the world later on in life. As parents we can’t stop our children from watching kid’s movies, but we can check which ones would better suited. Before your kid watches the latest kids movie, watch it yourself and check if it's suitable. As a parent you need to think more objectively, because what you think is appropriate might not be appropriate for your kids.

Take 10 minutes to watch Colin’s presentation, if you are a parent you will!


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