Monday, May 19, 2014

Females Taking Over Builders Occupation

Certain occupations have always been associated with a specific type of gender. If you think of a taxi driver, a clean cut male will spring to mind. If you think of a builder, more than likely a bearded man with a pair of loose pants might fit the description in your head. Strenuous jobs which have been occupied predominantly by men is starting to change. A British company called A Womans Touch is offering complete building services where it employs females to do the physical and dirty work.

We are experiencing shifts in the roles of females and males in society, “what was, no longer is’. Unfortunately society has projected wrong expectations for both sexes. Women have always been geared up to work in a female-centric environment, which is not their fault. There has always been a distinction between males and females. The more physical a job is the more suitable it is for men. This mindset has changed and women have to a large degree proved this inaccurate. I personally have seen this change with taxi drivers and delivery vans. We will witness more of this in coming years.

A Woman’s Touch is offering its unique services to those customers who would prefer a woman’s touch instead of a man’s. Just as men are strong by nature, women are inherently clean, tidy and polite. Obviously, you do have some exceptions, whereby men are equally tidy etc, but they are few, well at least from the different stories I have come across.Generally people feel more comfortable with women working in their houses, especially some housewives.

The company’s building services include carpentry, decorating, electrical work, plastering, plumbing and tiling. Their services also stretch out to offer: maintenance of property, design, architectural services, structural engineers, planning applications, building regulation approval through to efficient and hassle free implementation of loft conversions, basement conversions, structural alterations and extensions. Irrespective of the fact that the company employs females, they are also employing some males. It may be managed by women but they don't operate it like a male driven company. A Womans Touch offers a complete range of services to meet the requirements of any construction project they are assigned, alleviating the need to outsource certain activities.

The fem-preneur responsible for introducing this concept to the construction market is Kerrie Keeling. What inspired her to set up her company was the inappropriate behavior of male builders she had encountered but it was also driven by the fact that she was good at repairing and D.I.Y jobs. One of her many clients includes the famous British chef  Gordon Ramsy, if he can rely on her to do a great job, then anyone can. Her concept led Kerrie to be the runner-up in the O2 Inspiration Award. Perhaps she has managed to give a whole new perspective to the “builders bum” image.

People pay for a result, how that result is delivered and by whom is irrelevant. A Womans Touch with their highly competent team is increasing the quality standard for the construction industry.


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