Thursday, May 22, 2014

Do The Green Thing

Whilst everyone else has been doing “their thing”, there is an online community who have been doing the “green thing”. Do The Green Thing is a public service aimed at reducing the impact on mother earth in interesting and different ways so as to live more sustainable. This concept was introduced in 2007 in London by Andy Hobsbawm and Naresh Ramchandani, and they have managed to spread the #green thing globally.

There are a lot of people who really do not contemplate how much they contribute to the carbon footprint daily. People have not be taught to see earth as our home. Now, as easy as it is to process this, some find it difficult to act upon it. People have a certain type of attitude that whatever is outside of their homes is out of their caring zone. Do The Green Thing wants to promote this awareness so that people can become more environmentally conscious. Even the slightest contribution is a big step forward in doing the green thing. Do The Green Thing has manged to save 2.5 times more CO2 than they would have otherwise.

The way Do The Green Thing works is that each month registered users are given a specific task, such as: eating less meat, cycling to work, sharing a shower, walking more, using public transport, buy local produce, becoming more in tune with nature, plus many more. What makes it interesting is that the company has incorporated as part of their concept #creativity. This creativity is demonstrated through posters, each with a distinct message raising awareness. Prior to introducing posters the company worked with various producers, directors, musicians and actors creating songs,podcasts and videos sending an inspiring green message.

As part of their green efforts, founders of Do The Green Thing have set up a site called Glovelove aimed at pairing up lost gloves around the world by reselling them and avoiding them ending up in landfills.One of the co-founders Andy Hobsbawm at a Tedtalk event did an illustrative presentation in California talking about Creativity V’s Climate Change. A three minute video i recommend watching.

Our actions have a direct impact on our surrounding environment, think about that for a few seconds. Awareness is always the first step forward in achieving anything. Thinking green is valueless unless it is put into practice. Thinking green is like travelling around in your car with a bike tied on the back. Stop the car and start using your bike. By doing the green thing you are doing the right thing.


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