Friday, May 16, 2014

A New "Crush" On The Enviroment (Video)

Despite resources becoming scarcer, entities are managing to find alternative Eco-friendly approaches to producing the same goods. An Italian company called Favini, has done exactly that. It has designed Eco-friendly paper primarily used for packaging and creative works using residue. They have named their creation Crush.

Even though paper recycling is widely practiced globally this does not help restore our forests. As technology has become more advanced there has been less reliance on paper, but this doesn’t mean we should exhaust our resources. With Favinis new innovative product Crush, they have become a less of a burden on mother earth.

What makes their approach rather pioneering is that Crush uses the residue from all sorts of fruit and nuts to produce their paper. Crush consists of seven types of residue which justify their natural color range, these include citrus fruits, kiwi, corn, olive, almond, hazelnut and coffee beans. If we take orange for example, the center of the orange is extracted and the orange peel is then processed to make their fruity paper. The video below gives a more detailed account of the process:

Very Eco-Friendly

Crush has managed to score quite high on the scale of Eco-friendliness, and this is what distinguishes it from the rest. Whilst still delivering a robust product, Favini has managed to achieve this through sustainable development. Favini as a result of its green initiative has managed to:

1. Replace 15% of virgin tree pulp.
2. Produce using 100% green energy, as they have their own hydroelectric plant.
3. Reduce waste in landfills, whereby the content includes 30% of post-consumer waste.
4. Their carbon foot print has been reduced by 20%.
5. It is recyclable and bio-degradable.

A responsible modern day company is one which takes from its surrounding environment and then later returns it in one way or another. This is how companies should operate, this is how Favini does it!


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