Monday, April 21, 2014

Wearable Luggage Technology

Over the years luggage control at airports has become a right pain in the wallet. You may remember the days where a simple wink and smile to the person behind the check in counter would spare you a few extra kilos without paying a penny. We all miss those days. With competition becoming ever more intense, airline companies have placed increasing restrictions on passengers' luggage allowance, making them pay for a few kilos more. Jaktogo, a Bulgarian company, found the solution for smuggling that little extra weight at no additional cost.

Jaktogo has been on the market since 2010, making it the pioneer in wearable luggage technology. The inventor of Jaktogo - an engineer by the name of John Power - travelled on a weekly basis due to the nature of his work and thus tried to optimise his time at the airport. As low cost airlines started to take over the industry they imposed different luggage restrictions inconveniencing commuters. Consequently John was required to check-in his hand luggage because of the additional one or two kilos he had. This resulted in additional costs and unnecessary delays having to wait for his luggage. If you consider that there were many others in the same position as Mr. Power this would simply add to the overall time of the whole transit process. Having to deal with this situation gave Mr. Power the idea of Jaktogo.

Jaktogo is a coat and a bag at the same time. Two for the price of one.The original Jaktogo is a long sleeve coat with 14 various sized pockets that can accommodate up to 15 kg of luggage. Two more additional products were introduced eventually. These were Ponchotogo and Dresstogo. The Ponchotogo is a sleeveless version of the Jaktogo with 10 various sized pockets suitable for warm climates.The Dresstogo is a lady version of the Jaktogo with a balloon shaped skirt, again benefitting from 10 various sized pockets. Both are made of the same light and durable Polyester material and carry the same characteristics as the Jaktogo itself.

Below are some of the benefits of using the Jaktogo products:

1. Water and wind resistant.
2. Custom made in leather and denim.
3. Jacket or bag with more than 10 various sized pockets.
4. Saving on time and money when in transit.
5. Provides the option of choosing between a shoulder bag and a short-handle bag within 3 easy steps.

I had an interesting chat with John Power all about Jaktogo and more: 

1. What are some points you would like to stress to the audience when using Jaktogo?

We advise our clients to wear the Jaktogo products as much as possible in a Tote/Bag Form. We don’t recommend that you sit while wearing the Jaktogo because of comfort. It's preferable that you put all hard items such as shoes, computers etc. in your carry bag, if however this is not possible the Jaktogo could accommodate that as well. We'd also advise when passing through security to present the Jaktogo in a bag form, as it should be during the flight. Think of the Jaktogo as of a rain coat - you only wear the rain coat when it's raining and not when the sun is shining.

2. Mr Power, what in your opinion is one of the most fascinating inventions you have come across in the last decade?

Modern technology is fascinating for me. Nowadays mobile phones are virtually computers and in combination with social networking that allows you to follow latest posts etc. - it's really the best! I don't like the fact that in that way there is no such thing as privacy anymore, but still I think that smart phones and smart phone applications are the greatest technological achievements over the last decade.

3. Mr Power, do you believe that coming up with innovative product ideas is more difficult nowadays compared to many years ago or is it the same?

In a way being innovative was easier in the past as it took little to be "innovative", nowadays with all the technological progress and inventions it takes a lot more to come up with truly "new" ideas. On the other hand it's easier now to actually bring your ideas to life, to test them even before producing them etc. Truth of the matter is that when you have good ideas it doesn't matter in which era you live in.

The below video shows with a real scenario how effective the Jaktogo product is, highlighting its advantages and most importantly how user friendly it is.

As things become more complicated in life there is always someone who is trying to make our lives simpler. We look forward to seeing how Jaktogo will develop more products and beat other formalities.


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