Friday, April 4, 2014

Pyhsical Training At Home

Going to a gymnasium to work out has been a trend for many thousands of years. To a certain degree it has become a form of social interaction for many people, for which an annual fee is charged, which not many of us can afford.

The concept originated from the ancient Greeks. The actual word if translated from Greek means “school for naked exercise”. Although the concept of being naked doesn’t apply nowadays (shame though), people enjoy working out with others around them. 

I have been working out at home for many years now without having spent a penny in gyms. Although gyms have a lot to offer, I can assure you that you can achieve the same out of gym.

Working out at home has the following benefits:

1. At your own convenience. 
2. Finish quicker, no waiting around for equipment.
3. More focused on your exercises.
4. Work at your own pace (fast or slow).
5. No additional costs. 

A lot of people have been forced to stop going to the gym due to the adverse effects of the global financial breakdown, such as people losing their jobs and facing wage cuts. When you are put in such a position you are forced to cut back on some of your daily activities such as going to the gym for example, but that doesn’t stop you from training. 

I am a big fan of using my own body weight to exercise. The main types of exercise I engage in five times a week are:
· Push-ups
· Pull-ups/Chin-ups
· Sit-ups
· Dips
. Skipping

Doesn't this get boring though? It might appear monotonous but it depends on whether you have set some targets to achieve. You will be surprised at the different types of push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups you can perform to keep you in shape. In the beginning my work out was very basic, until I came across the following book Special Forces Fitness Training.This military training book gives you a concise explanation of the different exercise’s you can perform explaining the muscle group that is affected. What is more important it has a section dedicated to stretching which is vital before and after you work out. What is exceptionally interesting is that there is illustrations on how to perform each exercise. I am very pleased with this book, and I use it extensively to alternate my work out. This book has everything you will ever need. If you are up for a real challenge after a few months you might even like to try out the different Special Forces work out routines. Trust me they are a killer, but what a feeling after you finish. 

To assist you in some of the exercises especially with pull-ups and chin-ups, you will have to invest in a pull-up bar. I personally have purchased the Perfect Pullup .The perfect pull up has different accessories giving you option to perform additional exercise’s, for the abs and biceps. It even comes with a program you can follow for different muscle groups. The perfect pullup was designed by the Navy Seals.

Once you have started your home workout routine, you may find that over time your own body weight is no longer a challenge. In that case you can spice it up by simply add some weight. Try to be innovative. Usually I take my rack sack and add some weight. I usually place my Ankle Weights in the sac.You can perform exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats and chin-ups. Don’t overdo it with the weight though. 

Some of you might be thinking about how on earth will I be able to do dips? Well, I personally use the railing on my veranda especially in the summer, in the winter I find a corner where I can position myself comfortably, the kitchen tops are very convenient. If you want you can purchase a Dip Station.Obviously if you can afford this then this is much better. If money is an issue then keep it simple. 

Gyms have a lot to offer, and may even offer you more than you can imagine. A lot of people however due to circumstances are not able to go to the gym. This should not be an excuse for anyone to stop their training. Physical training is not about just looking good but forms an important part of healthy living. 

Keep it natural, keep it simple, and keep it cheap!


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