Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How To Use One Paper Towel

Inspirational Wednesday is presenting you with a rather entertaining and unforgettable speech on how to use a one paper towel. R.P. Joe Smith the speaker demonstrates to the audience how they can dry their hands simply by using a single piece of paper towel. Millions of pounds annually is wasted because a lot of people are not using paper towels effectively or they simply don't care.

The manner in which the Ex-District Attorney of Umatilla County talks to the audience makes the lesson so memorable and funny. Joe Smith presents to us some insane figures with regards to paper towel usage. According to him, if each person in America was to reduce their paper usage by one piece per day, America would save around 571.230.000 lb. per year of paper towels. According to a 2007 study by Brad Kalil, Director of Tissue, America is one of the biggest consumers of paper towels, consuming 50% more than Europe, and 500% more than Latin America. Paper towel industry is the forests second largest produce after toilet paper.

Despite the statistics being relevant for America, this applies to many of us, especially how we use paper towels, and I am sure all of us are guilty of pulling at least three or four every time we wash our hands from the dispensers. How many times have you been to the toilets in night clubs and it’s still 10 o’clock and all the paper towels are in the bin half used? Most of the time right?

Joe Smith presents a simple two step method so that you can reduce your paper towel consumption substantially. The two step method is “Shake & Fold”. You first shake your wet hands a number of times and then you take the paper towel, folding the paper as you are drying your hands.I guarantee you that the next time you are about to take a paper towel you will remember the wise words of Joe Smith.

All of us can make a difference, little by little piece by piece. So remember one paper towel each time not the whole packet!


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