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Who needs doctors or dieticians when you can maintain a healthy body or combat health problems with vegetables and fruits? By investing in a juicer you are able to manage your health more effectively. More and more people are starting to juice these days keeping them in tip top condition, saving on some medical expenses.

Juicing outlets have become a huge trend in many countries offering people a wide selection of vegetables and fruits to choose from, depending on their preferences. The success of the various juice bars is a sign that people are becoming more concerned about their health and want to lead a healthier lifestyle. Every season offers specific fruits and vegetables, each carrying certain benefits which our bodies
require throughout the year.

I always wanted to buy a juicer, and for some reason I was slightly hesitant. Only last year I decided to purchase one. It has been at least 8 months now and I make on average 6 - 8 juices a week. I exercise a lot so I make certain juices specifically for pre and post work out.

Before I started juicing I would always eat fruit and vegetables, so it’s not like my body was missing anything, but getting the juicer I was giving my body a boost especially since I was able to try out certain raw juices which were extremely nutritional. I have to admit some raw juices were not to my liking but I knew that I was giving my body a good dose of goodness.

Benefits of juicing:

1. Since it is in a liquid form it is easier for your system to digest and gets into your system quicker, without feeling bloated.
2. Takes couple of minutes to prepare, it depends of course on the type of vegetables and fruits.
3. Any fruit or vegetable can be juiced, except for banana and avocado.
4. Having a juice book enables you to make some wonderful cocktails ideal for morning,afternoon and night.
5. With juicing you are able to combat different illnesses.
6. You can try a detox program giving your system a good flush.This would be quite inconvenient having to visit local juice bars constantly.
7. Helps you loose weight, while keeping a healthy balance.

Masticating Juicer
When doing your research on different types of juicers you will come across negative and positive feedback about different models. The main types of juicers are masticating and centrifugal juice extractors. The masticating juicers crush the produce into smaller sections before the juice is squeezed out. The centrifugal juicer cuts the produce with a flat cutting blade at a high velocity. Some people find that the masticating juicer is much better since the juice is more concentrated. Usually the masticating juicers are more expensive though. I have a centrifugal juicer which I am happy with, it does its job and I recommend it.

There are lots to gain from juicing, and there are so many websites and books recommending different combinations. I personally acquired of the juice books by Jason Vale. There is a variety to choose from. By investing in a juicer there is a lot to gain, and what you do today will affect your well being in the future, in this case you will lead a healthier life.

Start juicing!


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