Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Inspirational Speech - Motion For Masturbation

Inspirational Wednesday is presenting you with an interesting and challenging talk which everyone one of us knows about but very few dare talk about. Jane Langton an adult sexual health educator takes us through some truths on the topic of Masturbation. She very bravely and openly talks about her own experiences presenting us with how masturbation is very important part of her life.

It is not every day you find someone talking to you about their own sexual private pleasures, and more so a female doing the talking. As hard as it is for someone to talk about it, there are many who find it hard to indulge themselves in such an activity. This could be due to different social, religious and cultural barriers. We need to understand that this activity is natural, and it is something which people know how to perform inherently without being shown.

Some of you will remember the days when we were young and the older generation would warn us that masturbation is not good for you. They would say things like, “you will go blind”, “you will develop a hairy hand”. As funny as they sound, it is these very things that have prevented or made people feel bad when they masturbate. As you have probably gathered already that’s all just a myth.Oh yeah, and one more thing, God is not watching you.

Masturbation takes people on a journey of self-discovery. Not everybody has the opportunity of being able to experience pleasure from somebody else, but everybody has the ability to pleasure themselves whenever they want. Consider those individuals who face an illness or a disability of some kind, they are entitled to experiencing that pleasure.

There are many benefits we receive from masturbation:

1.Releases frustration.

2.Reduces Stress

3.Increases self confidence

4.Improves our health.

5.Helps you sleep.

The main message Jane Langton is trying to send to us is that we should feel more comfortable with being in touch with ourselves as well talking about our sexual health, because the more we open ourselves the more we can receive in return.

Her talk is not perverted in any way, it is clean, funny and truthful.


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