Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Inspirational Speech - Living Beyond Limits

Inspirational Wednesday is presenting you with a compelling and unforgettable speech. Amy Purdy the speaker, tells her story of the misfortune in her life and how she rose above this to be a role model for many people. This ten minute talk is both touching
and a reminder about how much potential we have.

Amy Purdy’s story started when she became the victim of an unexpected illness resulting in her losing both her legs at the age of 19. Despite this tragic event, Amy saw this as a great challenge requiring her to develop the right mental attitude and most importantly gathering that strength from within.

Amy’s story can be applied to many of us irrespective of the type of situation. The mechanics of the situation are the same, in that we all are faced with challenges, some more steep than others, however through perseverance and self-belief we can overcome any challenge which we are presented with in life, just like Amy has.

As hard as it is to contemplate and accept, being put in such a situation requires us to accept the situation and to do our very best to rise above it. “When given a lemon, make lemon squash”, a very profound saying which is very relevant to today’s post.

What we need to realise is that we all have that internal strength and those divine qualities to help ourselves when we are faced with hardships. Through a conscious decision through our minds we are able to do the impossible by putting mind over matter.

Once you have finished hearing Amy’s inspiring story it will be your point of reference reminding you that there are no limits in life, the sky is your limit. Fortunately for many of us but unfortunately for others, we are always surrounded by overwhelming examples whereby some may suffer so that others may be inspired to keep moving forward.

Thank you Amy Purdy.


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