Friday, April 11, 2014

Growing Vegetables At Home

Being able to provide for yourself is a luxury these days. Having your own garden or allotment is quite beneficial. However a lot of us have neither, due to the restrictions of living in an apartment or in the city. Finding some space can be all you need to make all the difference.

The beauty behind growing your own vegetables is that you know exactly how they have been treated, i.e. free from any pesticides, which otherwise you can’t avoid. Living in apartments does make this difficult, but up until recently having a veranda is all you need.

Few months ago I came across the EarthBox.This is a box which gives you the ability to grow different types of vegetables. It is not very big neither very small, but due to its robust design you can grow vegetables in literally no time at all. It’s simple to put together and more importantly it keeps the place clean. It is an inexpensive piece of gardening, which you have lots to gain from.

Benefits of growing some vegetables at home
1. Healthy eating
2. Save on some costs throughout the year.

The Earthbox is composed of three components, and so its assembly is quite straightforward. Its main benefits is that it doesn’t require continuous watering, since the soil is covered preventing evaporation and maintains the soil moist. The video below allows you to understand fully the concept. The covers which the soil box comes with are according to hot and cold climates. The black cover side is used in the winter to attract heat, and in the summer the grey side is used to deflect heat.

If you have the space and really want to lead a more healthy eating style then this is the best way to go about it. If you have the time you could make your own Earthbox. The Earthbox is inexpensive if you consider what you are paying for.

You might want to consider buying Heirloom Vegetables.These are becoming more and more popular recently. These have properties which have not been genetically modified (100% organic) and as a result they are better quality.


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