Thursday, April 24, 2014

Floating Agriculture

We have reached an era where resources are slowly becoming scarce whilst communities are growing. As population increases so does demand, making the provision of products and services more challenging, and the need for solutions ever more critical. Agriculture is not the main industry for many countries, and some nations do not have the ability to cultivate any form of vegetation. A company called Sealeaf however, has managed to address these problems by introducing a floating agriculture system.

This system gives the ability to communities situated near urban coasts to provide vegetation for themselves without having to rely on imported sources of fruit and vegetables. Various coastal regions are heavily dependent on imports since land is unavailable or limited due to the fast growing communities. For this reason Sealeaf has decided to take agriculture to the coast, taking advantage of its vastness creating the ideal floating vegetation plantation.

This product ultimately provides the following benefits:
1. Reduces the carbon footprint as the need to import is reduced or eliminated.
2. Vegetation is sold at relatively reasonable prices, since transportation costs are eliminated.
3. More control over how vegetation is grown.
4. Creating an industry which could help reduce unemployment levels.
5. Growing vegetation without affecting sea life.

The below image shows the components of the Sealeaf module: 

The Sealeaf modules are designed to capture the necessary light (from the sun) and water (from the rain) to effectively grow the crops. Between the Sealeaf modules are the actual platforms (inexpensive) which serve as walkways allowing the farmer to harvest and monitor the vegetation.

Coastal vegetation is becoming the alternative to land, offering the same benefits and ensuring the food security quota is met. This will prevent cities being dependent on having to import such basic necessities. Being self-sufficient will help save substantial cost, allowing communities to utilize what is saved for alternative projects.

Below is a short video explaining both the economic and social benefits of installing the Sealeaf.


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