Friday, April 18, 2014

Dangers Of A Salary Increase

Working in the corporate world for several years I was exposed to different behaviour patterns. One example of this is how some individuals adjusted their lifestyle to their salary increase as a result of their promotions. This is common across the globe, with many people unwittingly putting themselves in the same financial position as they were before receiving a raise.

As individuals we think and operate to a large part based on what we have learnt from our surrounding environments, whether it be our families, peer groups or mass media. In the same way that we are influenced by what we see, we have that equal ability to influence others into changing their mode of thinking by changing ourselves.

People’s immediate reaction to a salary increase or influx of some sort of income is to change their lifestyle. As they are promoted by their companies they give themselves the same promotion in their lifestyle, for example: New car, high-end clothing brands, luxury holidays, application for loans to buy material stuff, bigger apartment or house etc. These are not necessarily bad things to acquire, who wouldn’t like all that. The point is not to get carried away, and find yourself with the same cash position as before.If do change your lifestyle make sure it is focused on improving your health and not your image.

The lifestyle you choose to live will one day come to an end. How many people do we know who due to economic recessions have lost their jobs leaving them with the same debt and same expenses? People fall into this trap repeatedly trying to keep up with the Joneses or leading a symbolic lifestyle of achievement. One specific example I recall was once an individual would finish their professional qualifications as accountants they would buy a new car through a loan, a brand new car. Think about that for a moment? Is the car necessary in order to celebrate that professional achievement? Surely the spiritual and emotional feeling of accomplishment should be more than enough right?

Be reassessing your thoughts, you will notice that you will have more money saved up in the bank. Cash is king. What you save can be considered as the unspent money which you would have otherwise spent and lost due to materialistic habits, unless you manage your wealth effectively in such a way where you accumulate more in the future.

Some interesting points to consider when you get a salary increase:

1. Don’t rush to begin your spending spree. What is it you have lived without until now that you can’t live without a little longer?

2.Don’t be swayed into buying anything to justify your promotion. i.e. brand new car

3.Increase the amount you save each month.

4.Avoid any loans unless it’s a serious must. Having access to finance is not a good thing. Your loans won’t get smaller if you get a salary decrease or lose your job.

5.Learn to be content with what you have and not what you could have because of your salary increase.

Sometimes a better quality lifestyle can be achieved by changing our attitude as to how we perceive our current lifestyle. Change your attitude and you will change your lifestyle without spending an extra penny, it’s that simple.


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