Friday, April 25, 2014

City Farming Concept

Have you ever come across the idiom, “the chicken that laid golden eggs”? Being young we questioned the mechanics as to whether this was biologically possible. Only recently I came across a very interesting design which I would term as the golden solution to providing you with eggs and vegetation for those living in the city. A Belgian company Studio Segers has developed a Do It Yourself Chicken Coop ideal for city farming.

Bringing “mini-farming” within the confines of your home is becoming a very popular trend. We have seen other products which is making this possible for vegetation. Visiting the local supermarket to buy some eggs to bake a cake is very convenient, but producing your own eggs is even more convenient and can be seen as a luxury by some.

More and more people are becoming self-sufficient because:

1. They save on some costs.
2. They have a healthier life style.
3. They have lost trust in local food providers.
4. They have the products to support this new lifestyle.

This Do It Yourself Chicken Coop is a simple,efficient and tidy design that combines raising chickens and growing vegetation. The unit comes with a composting section, little shed and a sitting section in addition to the vegetation and chicken sections. It is even capable of collecting rain water but some are questioning whether this is feasible. The Chicken Coop can be tailored to the customer’s preferences, with regards to facilities and size. What is more interesting about this chicken coop, is that you are able to put other pets and not just chickens. By placing chickens you are at least getting a few eggs in return.

Having space is the only issue. If you have the space then you might want to consider this alternative. It is not a matter of only providing you with food, but having this concept is great for children and for the home environment. This will give farming in the city a different perspective not depriving people of some fresh produce.

The different parts of the Chicken Coop
Compost Section and Planting Section

The chicken coop is designed in such away were it combines both traditional and ecological elements. Traditional because people can now be more self-sufficient and ecological due to the materials used to build it.

This design was awarded the Henry van de Velde Awards & Labels for 2013.


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