Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Become The Change You Want In Society

What has society become? These are four words which we hear often. It appears that people are not content with their society and are constantly criticizing it. Over the recent years we have seen the collapse of financial systems in different countries and political instabilities which these have had adverse effects upon our society. Despite this we continue to rely on our government to rectify everything even though we are susceptible about its ability in actually helping society.

Most of the time we are blaming the politicians for whatever goes wrong in society. We have high expectations from them and we demand results, but are they to blame or are we at fault for what society is today. Society is a reflection of us all.

Governments may represent nations, but we represent ourselves and our households. We need to ask ourselves one question, “Am I managing myself or household in the best possible way? “ If we are not we need to start doing so before we turn to blame others.

We should stop expecting the change to come from others,but rather we should individually make the change happen. Eventually, if people start to focus on their own households we could enforce positive change.

Achieving change in society:

1. Stop looking at what’s going around you and start looking within your own home. We get caught up by listening and observing general developments and we ignore our own requirements.

2. Effective communication among family members, especially with children. Advise them, direct them, monitor them, correct them and listen to them.

3.Take your role in society more serious. This will make you a more socially responsible individual.

4. When you are interacting with others promote this approach to others.

5. Realise that we have power over our own actions and our immediate family. So do what you can.

If we become the change that we want, eventually societies will be healthier. This will take time, but we need to make this a conscious effort like everything else.

If you want society to change you will change. Forget political reforms and new governments. Be the president, the minister, the politician of your own life and watch how your society changes.  


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