Monday, March 31, 2014

Top Notch Pot Holder

The majority of people that live in cities are living in small apartments. Due to them being small they have limited space. Any living quarter should always make space for plants. PotNotch a London based company has come up with a top notch solution for creating growing space.

PotNotch is a piece of Birch Plywood which has been designed to fit standard pots weighing up to 5kg. What makes PotNotch especially unique is that it can be hung using its own cord from anywhere around your accommodation taking advantage of space high above.

PotNotch can also be placed outside as the material used is treated making it waterproof as well as windproof. This product comes in two different sizes, 2 pot holder and 4 pot holder. The notches have been designed in such a way whereby it may hold any garden plant pot ranging from 11 to 22cm.

Why PotNotch:

  1. Its cheap
  2. Its easy to install
  3. Its weather proof
  4. Its convenient

Due to PotNotch’s simple and smart creation there are no excuses for not having any plants around your home. Despite them being based in UK they are still able to ship overseas.


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