Friday, March 14, 2014

Pinhole Glasses

Whilst I was studying a few years back my statistics professor would always refer to the following phrase regularly, “If simple works why make it complicated”. Over the last 24 years since 1989, millions of people have carried out the so called LASIK, which basically is the process whereby a surgery is carried out on the eye to stop wearing contact lenses and glasses. Although this has proven successful for now I prefer a cheap and more practical approach to getting there.

I have a myopia of around -2.50 and some astigmatism. I wear contacts on a daily basis as well as glasses. Usually when I am planning on going out I prefer wearing contacts and when I am at home I switch to glasses. When I go to work I usually wear glasses so as to avoid poking my eyes and irritating them early in the morning. Around noon time I take my glasses off and put my contacts in. I found that this is more comfortable for my eyes.

The reason for the deterioration of my vision is I believe due to ongoing looking at a screen, mobile interaction and studying over the years. Now the same way I deteriorated my vision the same way I have helped improve it slightly.

During last year I came across the Pinhole Glasses concept. In the beginning I did not think much of them as I looked quite daft when wearing them. Eventually I started to wear them when I was at home and when I had free time, especially in the mornings whenever possible. I would leave them on for as long as I could. I found that as soon as I would take them off everything would appear clearer compared to before. The longer I left them on the better I found the results. Wearing the pinhole glasses on a regular basis helped me. It was important for me however to allocate some time every day to wearing them, I found it best when I was at home resting.
There are some people who can actually make the actual pinhole glasses by themselves, by simply cutting a piece of card in the shape of a glass piece and punching holes, then simply buying a cheap pair of glasses and replacing the lens. I preferred actually buying them to be honest.

Before we consider surgery let us consciously try alternative methods; give them a go.

Some information and tips on pinhole glasses:

1.If you have some time in the morning whilst you are eating put them on even if it is for 5 minutes. Recommended at least 15 minutes.

2.Have them next to your bed side table, so that they remind you to wear them either before bed or when you wake up. 

3.They are usually one size fits all. 

4.You may consider getting hold of an Eye Chart where by you may test yourself from time to time.

The pinhole glasses is one of many exercises for the eyes. There are other exercises which I will share with you. I hope some benefit will come about from this for you.


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