Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Burglary Prevention Techniques

Burglary, housebreaking, robbery or any other form of gaining possession of someone else’s property has been an illegal concept for many centuries now, will it ever stop? I don’t think so. I believe that as long as this gap between rich and poor exists it will endure because for some people this unorthodox approach is a way of survival. When we refer back to Robin Hood and his merry men stealing from the rich didn’t appear that bad, however end of the day Robin or not this is wrong.

Over the years their approaches and practices have evolved quite a bit. The more sophisticated the various preventative equipment have become the more sophisticated robbers have become. Now if we cannot stop this we can most definitely make their lives more difficult.

Information is very valuable in this day age, whether it is a phone number, an email, an address, type of occupation or other personal details this can be used in the most effective way possible. If we restrict or conceal information to the best of our abilities that is one step closer to not becoming a victim. Let me give you an example. A friend of mine last year was a victim of burglary. Her apartment was broken into whilst she was at work. The irony of it all was, that specific day she was in another town. She usually finishes work by 2pm every day. What is her occupation your thinking? None of your business. When the burglary of her flat took place all of her other fellow neighbors were also all absent. What a coincidence or how well planned? The building where she lived had the flat number of each flat printed on the parking space so to avoid conflicts of who gets what parking space. So it is not quite difficult to guess who is in or not. This is my point about information.

Facebook has become part of millions and millions of people’s lives. Although Facebook is a useful social tool which I use; people are exposing too much of their personal information. For example, Sandra has just checked in at Le Morgan restaurant? Peter is happy and is at London Heathrow Airport? Jet Li “So excited about travelling to see my friends in Greece next week, two weeks is exactly what I need”. I am sure you can guess where I am coming from. This is info which if it falls in the wrong hands your Facebook statuses will read Sandra, Peter and Jet Li are all sad, because they got burgled. In this day and age you do not know who you can trust. People talk, people like to talk about other people’s private life, that’s the way things are. Do yourself a favor and limit what you expose.

Now there is the unlucky few who will become victims no matter what. In this case you will need to conceal your valuables in the best places. Having a Safe is quite helpful however there is that risk that they may just take the safe with them. Remember time is of utmost importance to the culprits. You need to delay them. So if you are considering buying a safe I recommend that you make sure when you install it in your house you avoid putting it somewhere where it is at eyes height because they will find it easily. Put it somewhere high where you can only access it by standing on something, for example top part of cupboards. Make sure you screw the safe down so its more secure. Attics are a good place too.

Some of my favorite diversions which I refer to as “concealing agents”, are using books or used cans. You may remember the classic films where the reverent would cut the shape of a gun in the bible to conceal it. Well that is a pretty good idea. Any books you are thinking of throwing away you might want to turn them into treasure novels. The same can be done with heavy duty cans like WD-40 Diversion Stash Can Safe or Book Diversion.

With valuable items I recommend that you take pictures of these items so in the event you are robbed you can display this to the police to help them with their investigation in any way.

Taking out an insurance of your valuables is a good idea, especially if you have a lot. Do not think that you are special and you will not be a victim.

Tips and information:

1. Conceal information. Try not to speak about your holiday next week to anyone, do not advertise through social networking platforms where you are or where you might be.

2. When entering public buildings always close the door behind you. We do not live in stables no more. Most of the time there is free access to people from the main entrance.

3. Install an alarm in your house. Distracting them will stress them out.

4. When installing a safe put it somewhere safe. A safe by its self is not safe, if you know what I mean.

5. When travelling to airports make sure your luggage tag is not visible, I do not have a tag to be honest. People on the lookout may read your details of your residence. I recommend the Bucky Identigrip Luggage Identifier, Lime, One Size .

6. Leaving certain lights on that you would have on if you were at home or even the TV can be a preventive measure.

7. Using primitive and unpredictable hiding places or agents may save you a few hundred.

8. Avoid leaving spare keys outside of the house. If these are found and used then there is no evidence of breaking an entry, and you may have some problems with the insurance when trying to convince them you were really burgled.

9.Installing a versatile door lock is a very effective preventative measure. A lot of robbers enter by drilling through the door lock.

People are using the old money saving technique of hoarding these days simply because banks cannot be trusted any more. Look for example what happened to Cyprus. This forced thousands of Cypriots to keep their money at home, which has resulted in many burglary's.So you need to be more careful.

Sometimes it’s not what they take it’s what they leave behind.


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