Monday, March 24, 2014

Knowing Yourself Helps Your Career

Over the last few years I have noticed that there are many dissatisfied people. They are just not content with their careers even their lives. Sometimes being content in life is a matter of perspective and attitude. A solid positive outlook on your life takes you a long way, but is this enough? 

When I finished school I didn't really know what I wanted to study. Despite that I chose a career path relating to accounting and finance studies to play it safe. This was a choice based entirely on the market needs, something which I believed would provide me with security since this is where the money was. Eventually I started working for a multinational corporation where I was able gain valuable work experience. After ten years, despite not having any regrets whatsoever I was not content with where I was working and consequently what I studied. My initial motive and lack of knowing myself led me to this point.

The way society is structured changes peoples motives and they are programmed to think in a less humane way. To put it in bluntly, individuals are chasing monetary things. Money is a means to an end but not an end within its self. We need to start chasing or discovering our passion, that which we are inherently capable of doing well. Whether it be dancing, advising, helping the sick, teaching, sports etc. Eventually if people consciously focused on trying to find that personal trait they will be more fulfilled with their occupation. Sometimes when we find ourselves doing something which we are doing just for the sake of money, the money will never be enough. However, if we find that which we are passionate about you will generate the monetary benefits anyway.

If individuals applied this, then you would find economies being more balanced and avoiding the so called “bubbles”. One of the reasons for this wide scale unemployment is due to the fact that people are not doing that which they should be doing inherently. As a result they end up doing a poor job, and eventually affecting the performance of an organization, leading to voluntary or involuntary dismissal. 

When you are young it is natural to be uncertain as to what you really want to pursue and there is nothing wrong with that. People tend to follow a certain trend after they finish school. For example, Graduate, University, Work and Marriage. My advice would be to rearrange that to suit your own personal inclinations, so that after you finish school to work in different industries which may be of interest to you. This will help you get a feel of what those industries are all about. There is no obligation or rush to start university after you finish school. By doing this you engage yourself in this learning curve approach allowing you to discover your interests and your talents. Eventually you will become better informed and able of deciding with your heart rather than with your head about your career.

Discovering yourself is what may lead you to a more content life as well as both saving on time and money. Changing career later on in life can be costly and takes time. Changing careers is perfectly fine, I admire people who actually make that conscious decision to change, but that comes with a cost.

Summary Tips:

1. Make it a conscious decision in discovering yourself. Through trial you will engage yourself in different activities. Once you have identified your strengths, which is where your passion is, pursue it.

2. Choose the journey which you are sure about and reflects you.

3. Follow your heart and your art, do not be affected by financial rewards alone. They will come eventually.

4. Avoiding following trends and the masses, do not be affected by mass media, stop acting like a sheep and act like a human.

This can be achieved through effective dialogue, especially with our youth. Parents should encourage their kids to discover themselves and not be scared to fail. The earlier we make this a conscious objective the sooner we will become content, and Mondays won’t be so Mundane.

Follow your passion, and success will follow you - Arthur Buddhold



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