Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Inspirational Speech - Looks Aren't Everything

Inspirational Wednesday is presenting you with a speech talking about “Looks Aren’t Everything”. As cliché as that may sound, Cameron Russell explains to us the raw truth behind the renowned model that she is. Cameron Russell has modeled for brands such H&M, Victoria Secrets and others. Her honest and fearless speech makes us understand how behind the media images which we are exposed to lies the unexplained facts.

Where ever we turn we are surrounded by model images portraying the latest looking trends. Whether we admit it or not these images play a huge role in our lives. Subconsciously we aim for that image, that very image becomes our point of comparison for some. We have allowed these model images to dictate our lives by telling us what to do. It is amazing how a simple image has this power.

Cameron Russell makes an important contradiction how models and the audience are alike, that a feeling of self-insecurity lies within. The feeling of inadequacy never ceases to stop as there is this requirement of keeping up.

So if we have looks and we are insecure within, we don’t have everything, but only something. Those who are secure within have everything because they are not influenced by nothing.


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