Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Inspirational Speech - Doing The Impossible

Inspirational Wednesday is presenting you with a speech talking about Doing the Impossible. Motivational speaker Croix Sather tells the story of his run across America and how he was able to push through the pain and challenges of running a marathon and a keynote speech each day for 100 consecutive days.  

 He speaks about the challenges faced in achieving his objective by referring to his experiences and how he managed to rise above his challenges. Croix highlights the importance of having the right attitude and how to keep moving forward to realizing that dream.

Achieving your dreams is not a simple achievement but at the same time it is not impossible. Realising your dreams are not meant to be easy, the hardships you go through are what define you eventually. It is the attitude you develop which helps in achieving your dreams. When you manage to reach out to your dreams then nothing is impossible, and impossible is transformed to I'm possible.


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