Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Inspirational Speech - Coming Out Of The Closet

Inspirational Wednesday is presenting you with a speech talking about “Coming out of your closet”. Motivational speaker Ash Beckham explains how everybody lives in their own closet and not the typical gay closet as everybody knows. Ash explains within a nutshell how everybody is the same, everybody has their own hardships to deal with and that no one can see within the closet of the other person.

Peoples understanding of others unfortunately is based on what they see. Relations between people is of a surface level and not of a more profound level where people can connect with their heart. The majority of people do not even know themselves who they are and despite this they are capable of judging others, how is that possible? In Greek there is an expression whereby it explains how each person needs to be focusing on their own rucksack and not looking at the rucksack of the person in front of them. What this entails is that everybody should focus on their own troubles they are carrying.

Ash emphasises the following three rules:
1. Be Authentic
2. Be Direct
3. Be Unapologetic


Ash, and many others have taken giant steps so that others can follow, not just for gay people but for straight people alike. The message is the same for everybody. Every closet may differ on the outside but inside it’s all the same.

Open your closet doors, be you and be proud.


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