Thursday, March 13, 2014

Being Disciplined & Organised Saves Money

There are probably more laws in place telling us what not to do than laws telling us what to do. There are many laws which I do not agree with and you may possibly agree with me. The bottom line is that we are governed by laws and there is not much we can do. I have become a law abiding citizen to the best of my abilities, why? Because I want to avoid paying any fines or penalties, I refuse to.

The principle behind the article is for you to become consciously aware of how important it is to discipline yourself. As well as saving money you will reduce stress levels through being more organised. In the beginning this process does need a conscious approach but eventually it will become part of your norm. 

Let me give you a quick example. Few years back I had received points on my driving license due to speeding mostly. The root of the problem was that I was always in a hurry. So I decided to remove hurry out of the equation by managing my daily schedule realistically better. The end result was that firstly and most importantly all my points got cleared and consequently saved on a lot of money. 

There are many people who literally cannot afford to pay unrequired savings to anyone especially to any government body. It is a shame to literally give away money you have worked hard for by simply not being more disciplined.

 Here are some suggestions:

1. Set more realistic time frames with your daily activities. Avoid being pressed for time. Allocate more time to get from A to B, or simply leave earlier than what you would have. This will avoid you hurrying and you will be more alert of actions.

2. Using your phone to put reminders I find is very effective especially if you have busy lifestyles. You may put reminders by when you need to pay certain bills (phone, water or electricity) to avoid any additional charges. You may place a reminder to plan for your itinerary to avoid being in a hurry. The point is, use the facilities on your mobile. You may even find certain phone applications useful.

In many countries for example, it is illegal to drive whilst you are holding the mobile and speaking. From country to country the fine may vary, however investing in a hands free piece may just save you some money and your life. It is quite simple if you sit and think about it.

These are not things you do not already know but it’s a reminder telling you that even the small things can make all the difference.


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